Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Exporters Confirm Continue Supply Of Dehydrated Onion Range

Onion crop is largely grown in specific regions of India including Gujarat and Maharashtra. This is extremely perishable crop that needs to be stored faster to prevent spoilage and save exporters from heavy loss. Dehydrating process helps exporters to preserve onions and prevent them from spoilage. It also adds value to the product and influence product demand in the market. Dehydrated / dried onions and onion powder are used by instant food manufacturing units for soups, ketchups, instant vegetables, and other things.

You May Now Think How This Dehydrated Form Of Onion Can Be Achieved?

Simplest method to dry vegetables/fruits involves these steps-
  1. Cutting and chopping of vegetables
  2. Spreading evenly on dry cotton sheet
  3. Keep the sheet under direct sunlight for at least 4 days.
 Please note- sunlight always produces discoloration and if you want to retain the original color of onion, you can use industrial milling machine. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Have You Heard About Crispy Fried Onions? Indian Chefs Using Them For Biryani

When you heard of 'biryani' there is a place in India comes into your mind- Hyderabad. Hyderabadi dishes are famous for their relishing taste. Chefs in the hotel kitchen use crispy fried onions in India to complete the taste and give consumers a delicious appetite. Besides mouthwatering biryanis, chefs also use fried onions to prepare baked curries. Crispy fried onions are famous for enhancing dishes flavor to a great extent, especially when a person is preparing Indian culinary or baked dishes.

Why Deep Fried Crispy Onions In India Are Taking Over Fresh Onion Slices?

Onion is a master vegetable that can change the entire taste of the dish. In India, crispy fried onions are widely used for making pulaos and biryanis, whereas raw or fresh onion slices are consumed as a salad or used for preparing raita (curd). Deep fried onions are crispy in taste and people often eat them with an evening tea as a snack. Due to this multipurpose behavior and longer shelf life, crispy fried onions in India are making a huge list of fan followers. Moreover, you only require one large onion to prepare biryani or any other dish for 3 people.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Can Dehydrated Onions Taken As A Seasoning Herb In India?

With an endless list of dishes in which onion plays a major taste adding vegetable role, dehydrated onion is another variant used by Indians for many cuisines. It works as a seasoning herb that not only provide the exact taste of onion, but also the nutrients that may be good for your heart, skin, and hair. You may cry at first while slicing the onions, but this juicy vegetable power up your immunity strength. And when you dehydrate onions, the nutrients and taste get locked inside and this is why the taste of dehydrated onions is similar to fresh ones (you may notice slighter change in taste).

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Crispy Fried Onion Ring Batter- It’s A Snack Time!

Crispy fried onion can be your perfect snack time partner for the evening! The recipe is not a rocket science. You need to purchase big onions to prepare these snacks. For batter preparation, you will learn three different batter making styles in this post.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Who Says You Can't Preserve The Nature? Garlic Dehydration Is One Of The Preserving Acts

Garlic is used as an herb more than a spice since years. Fresh garlic can add pungent flavor to your culinary dishes. However, the shelf life is not so long and thus, many people dehydrate garlic to avoid spoilage. Dehydration is an ideal method to preserve garlic gourmet and use it for long time. You can use Dehydrated Garlic in several dishes and make it rich in taste and flavor!

You don't need perfect garlic bulbs for dehydration process. You can dehydrate any other garlic that is not sliced or cut into parts before.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Dehydrated Onion Powder- A Secret Ingredient Used By Hotel Chefs

Have you ever wonder why your home-made food tastes different from a restaurant's food even if you have used same ingredients and followed the cooking steps? Do you know hotel chefs use a secret ingredient to add flavor in their dishes? It is the dehydrated onion powder known as 'secret ingredient' that becomes invisible when chefs use it while cooking the food.

Dried onion powder is nothing more than dehydrated onion bulbs that are being grinded in the mill and turned into soft fine powder. This is NOT an onion salt as many people get confused when they heard of dehydrated onion powder. The powder smells strong and you can enjoy the onion flavor while using it in your dish.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Crispy fried onions rings to top and garnish Indian food

India is a home of spices where you can find endless variety of spices and food products. Crispy fried onions are one of these products that are exceptionally in demand in India. It’s because of the crispy flavor added by these fried onions in the food. But do you know how they are made? You might have heard about dehydrated onions and other products, but crispy fried onions have different processing method from them.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Get Premium Quality Dehydrated Garlic From Indian Garlic Powder Exporters

Garlic always has remained a darling in Indian cuisine because of the tangy flavor and immense health benefits it offers. Apart from India, these are used in many other world cuisines like Chinese, Mexican cuisine, etc. So naturally when the option of storing garlic for long years becomes possible by the endeavor of Garlic Powder exporters, dehydrated garlic powder becomes quite popular. This has become all the more popular among chefs and working women as adding a garlic powder consumes less time then peeling and cutting a garlic clove.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Know How to Add Flavor to your Food from Garlic Powder Exporters

Do you love food and the rich aroma that food gives off? It is said that the fragrance is what makes people go hungry and even add interest to people’s food. Parents always fuss about children’s eating habits and they wish their children could eat more. But, to make their basic food interesting, sometimes parents also Garlic powder or fried onions to make their food taste and smell amazing. Understanding this, the new age garlic powder exporters have found the trend common across nations.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Make Crispy Fried Onions Snacks At Home

Do you love to have snacks like crispy fried onions rings? In case you are amongst the people who like to have the foods in their snacks, learn of making homemade onion rings will be an ideal plan. Making these snacks at home can be economical than purchasing it from the restaurant. Moreover, you may customize the flavor as you want. As making these snacks is fairly easy, you cannot have any difficulty in try and cook it within home.

Before initiate cooking this definite snack, you need to arrange everything. You should have two big onions as your main ingredient. After that, you will also need one cup canola oil, one teaspoon salt, one cup evaporated milk, and two big eggs which are already beaten. In addition, you should also provide one cup bread crumbs, one teaspoon Parmesan cheese, as well as one cup crushed potato flakes. For frying onion, you should get ready with a skillet or a fry pan.