Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Exporters Confirm Continue Supply Of Dehydrated Onion Range

Onion crop is largely grown in specific regions of India including Gujarat and Maharashtra. This is extremely perishable crop that needs to be stored faster to prevent spoilage and save exporters from heavy loss. Dehydrating process helps exporters to preserve onions and prevent them from spoilage. It also adds value to the product and influence product demand in the market. Dehydrated / dried onions and onion powder are used by instant food manufacturing units for soups, ketchups, instant vegetables, and other things.

You May Now Think How This Dehydrated Form Of Onion Can Be Achieved?

Simplest method to dry vegetables/fruits involves these steps-
  1. Cutting and chopping of vegetables
  2. Spreading evenly on dry cotton sheet
  3. Keep the sheet under direct sunlight for at least 4 days.
 Please note- sunlight always produces discoloration and if you want to retain the original color of onion, you can use industrial milling machine.