Thursday, 11 September 2014

Can Dehydrated Onions Taken As A Seasoning Herb In India?

With an endless list of dishes in which onion plays a major taste adding vegetable role, dehydrated onion is another variant used by Indians for many cuisines. It works as a seasoning herb that not only provide the exact taste of onion, but also the nutrients that may be good for your heart, skin, and hair. You may cry at first while slicing the onions, but this juicy vegetable power up your immunity strength. And when you dehydrate onions, the nutrients and taste get locked inside and this is why the taste of dehydrated onions is similar to fresh ones (you may notice slighter change in taste).
Ever wonder how useful this herb can be? Garlic powder and dehydrated onion in India are used for seasoning roasted chicken and soups. Most of the moms prepare these products at home, but if you live far from your place and could not find dehydrated onions in Indian marketplaces, try to prepare it at home. This is not like baking a cake. Just slice the onions and put them under direct sunlight. In a day or two, your onion slices will get dry. You can use them as it is or grind them to obtain dehydrated onion powder. 

Soups and ketchup manufacturing companies are sourcing dehydrated onion powder in India to prepare their product ranges. Some people claim that when manufacturing units turn fresh onions into dehydrated form, all the nutrients and flavor of onion get soaked by hot air. However, this is a half truth. When you dry the onion slices, the moisture content gets null and you get crispy dried onion slices which are later grinded in a machine to obtain powder form. But, all the nutrients- vitamins, chromium, anti inflammatory properties, quercetin (prevents cancer), and fiber remains inside the dried onions.

Hence, you can use them as a seasoning herb while taking a bite of a pizza slice or a chicken leg. You can also sprinkle the onion powder in soups and curry dishes. This will add a unique taste to your dish along with nutrients and vitamins.