Sunday, 14 September 2014

Have You Heard About Crispy Fried Onions? Indian Chefs Using Them For Biryani

When you heard of 'biryani' there is a place in India comes into your mind- Hyderabad. Hyderabadi dishes are famous for their relishing taste. Chefs in the hotel kitchen use crispy fried onions in India to complete the taste and give consumers a delicious appetite. Besides mouthwatering biryanis, chefs also use fried onions to prepare baked curries. Crispy fried onions are famous for enhancing dishes flavor to a great extent, especially when a person is preparing Indian culinary or baked dishes.

Why Deep Fried Crispy Onions In India Are Taking Over Fresh Onion Slices?

Onion is a master vegetable that can change the entire taste of the dish. In India, crispy fried onions are widely used for making pulaos and biryanis, whereas raw or fresh onion slices are consumed as a salad or used for preparing raita (curd). Deep fried onions are crispy in taste and people often eat them with an evening tea as a snack. Due to this multipurpose behavior and longer shelf life, crispy fried onions in India are making a huge list of fan followers. Moreover, you only require one large onion to prepare biryani or any other dish for 3 people.

How to Prepare Crispy Fried Onions for Indian Biryani?

1.Slice the onions
2.Sprinkle corn flour or multipurpose flour over the sliced onions and toss them.
3.Add salt as per the taste
4.Heat the oil in a fry pan
5.Deep fry the coated onion slices at medium flame
6.Take out the slices from pan when they turn into golden brown.

The process can be completed in few minutes. Make sure you don't fry the onions for more time as your slices could burn and taste -'bitter than crispy and salty'.

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