Thursday, 14 August 2014

Who Says You Can't Preserve The Nature? Garlic Dehydration Is One Of The Preserving Acts

Garlic is used as an herb more than a spice since years. Fresh garlic can add pungent flavor to your culinary dishes. However, the shelf life is not so long and thus, many people dehydrate garlic to avoid spoilage. Dehydration is an ideal method to preserve garlic gourmet and use it for long time. You can use Dehydrated Garlic in several dishes and make it rich in taste and flavor!

You don't need perfect garlic bulbs for dehydration process. You can dehydrate any other garlic that is not sliced or cut into parts before.

Why People Find Preserving Garlic via Dehydration Process Painstaking?

It is because of the efforts of the individual in pealing each clove, which consume a lot of time. However, there are few ways to lessen the efforts.

You can try blanching process. This method will make the garlic skin soft and supple that can be removed easily. Steps involved under blanching process:

  • Put a large pot filled with water over the stove
  • Boil the water.
  • Till the water gets boil, you can separate cloves of garlic.
  • Put garlic cloves into boiling water and boil them for approx 10-15 seconds.
  •  Drain out hot water from the pot and put cold water to lower down the temperature of cloves.
  • Keep them in the cold water until they become cool to touch. It will take at least 5 minutes.
  • You will get smooth surfaced garlic cloves. Peel off the skin; discard.
Slice them with knife in any size you wish to. Please note- Thinner slices will get dry more quickly.

When you get sliced garlic, start processing for Dehydrated Garlic. You can place them in direct sunlight, or if the quantity is less, then you can also use microwave to get the process of dehydration done.

This is how Your Dehydrated Garlic Slices will Look! Isn't Looking Crispy?

Now it's up to you, you can use them as it is in your dishes or else better grind in the mixture and turn them into powder. You can use dried dehydrated garlic for soups, chicken, fish, and other healthy recipes.

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