Thursday, 3 April 2014

Make Crispy Fried Onions Snacks At Home

Do you love to have snacks like crispy fried onions rings? In case you are amongst the people who like to have the foods in their snacks, learn of making homemade onion rings will be an ideal plan. Making these snacks at home can be economical than purchasing it from the restaurant. Moreover, you may customize the flavor as you want. As making these snacks is fairly easy, you cannot have any difficulty in try and cook it within home.

Before initiate cooking this definite snack, you need to arrange everything. You should have two big onions as your main ingredient. After that, you will also need one cup canola oil, one teaspoon salt, one cup evaporated milk, and two big eggs which are already beaten. In addition, you should also provide one cup bread crumbs, one teaspoon Parmesan cheese, as well as one cup crushed potato flakes. For frying onion, you should get ready with a skillet or a fry pan.

Now you may carry on to slice onions as well as place them to one side. Take any medium sized bowl and place the dispersed milk and also eggs. Blend them well and carefully. After that, take sliced onions in mixture as well as allow it to sit there for about five minutes.

Then take a big flat dish as well as put mashed potatoes and bread crumbs in it. Mix them well until they produce outstanding light crispy breading. Then, take a fry pan to heat Canola oil. Whereas waiting for oil to become prepared, you may also take onion slices as well as remove all pieces of layer. Slice all pieces of onion rings separately. While you see the bubbles in heated oil, it means you are all set to fry breaded onion rings. Just fry these rings till they become crispy enough getting attractive golden color.

In the end, remove all the crispy fried Indian onions rings from fry pan as well as bleed dry them on a paper towel piece. This will assist you immensely in removing any unnecessary oil on rings. Instantly dish up this snack whereas it is warm and crispy. It is very easy and delicious, too. Just try and cook that at home to enjoy its delicious taste. For people who love to eat snacks made from onion, understanding how to make home-based onion fried rings can be a perfect recipe. Making this snack is reasonably easy so you won’t have any problem in cooking it at home.

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