Thursday, 9 April 2015

How To Make Perfect Use Of Dehydrated Vegetables

It is easy to get seasonal vegetables during specific period; however, the task becomes tough when you want to have that seasonal vegetable all year long with no use of preservative or chemicals. Using dehydrated vegetables is the way to go. Dehydration is a precise process that slowly evaporates the moisture from food and prevents bacteria from growing on the vegetables. Through this method, the shelf life of the vegetables gets longer without using any chemicals or preservative things.

It hardly makes any difference when you use dehydrated foods for cooking as these veggies and fruits lock the nutrients and retain them for long time when you keep them safe inside air tight jars and store in the cool and dry place. You can use dried vegetables and prepare several things, such as- 

  1. Rehydrating veggies and using in side dishes and salads.

  2. Dehydrated vegetables don't have moisture and to use them in salads, you need to rehydrate them as it will add moisture and bring them to the genuine shape. To rehydrate dried veggies, you need to put them in a bowl and pour boiling water on the veggies and set the pieces for 10-60 minutes or until they plump and soak water.

  3. Using veggies as a Marinade 

  4. Blend some veggies of your choice and use the mixture as a marinade to add flavor to your tofu, soy or vegetables products
  5. Grinding dried veggies and converting them into vegetable flour 

  6. You can lower the amount of grains in your diet and add grinded dehydrated veggies. This is completely healthy and human friendly food product.

  7. Prepare your choice of vegetable powder 

  8. One of the best uses of dried veggies is transforming them into fine granules and use them while preparing culinary dishes.

  9. Use them in soups and stews 

  10. Add some dried beans, peas, cabbage and carrots to your soups and stews- it will give a twist to your recipe and turn the boring soup into interesting tastier thing

  11. Use the blended powder for preparing sauces
Prepare homemade tomato ketchup by using tomato powder. Add little amount of water and bring the mixture to boil. Use this ketchup for pizzas and pastas or eat with fried potatoes.

These are few ways to use dehydrated vegetables. You can stock seasonal veggies for longer with dehydration technique. Use and share the concept if you like!

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